Community Council meeting 22/03/18

Furnace Community Council meeting 22/03/2018

Present  –  Mike Masters (Chair)Lynda Syed.

Also Present  – Ruth Tott, Paul Melnyczuk, Val Whale, Phil Whale, Sergeant Martin

Balkeen(Police), Douglas Smillie, Neil McKechnie, Gill Telfer.

Apologies  – Sharon Macinnes, Eileen Wallace, Dougie Philand.

Minutes of previous meeting  – Approved

Matters Arising  – Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report  – Bank Balance – Unchanged at £89.80

Police Issues  – Martin advised to report any road crimes to police and that the use of a dash cam is advisable.

There have been complaints of youngsters hanging about the Dr’s surgery,this will be


Road Issues  – The roads in Queen Elizabeth are in a horrendous state also the  B.T. cover

at Coillie Mhinnean has still not been rectified and these issues need to be raised.

Mike suggested that photos and e mails should be forwarded to councillors.

Youth Projects – Sharon is to find out if unaccompanied kids would be allowed to

attend the Youth Club in Inveraray and if there could be a transport rota.

Mid Argyll Partnership report – There has been no meeting.

Correspondence & Info Exchange. – Dougie Philand advised of proposed changes in Health and Social Care which could involve drastic cutbacks including the closure of all

care homes in Argyll and Bute and outsourcing care staff. Also the closure of Knapdale Ward at Lochgilphead hospital and the resource centre in Lochgilphead.

There has been no local consultation on these matters and it was decided to find out what

can be done ie petitions and conducting a public forum.

Rural surgeries could also be under threat.

There will be a public meeting at Lochgilphead hospital on 10th April between the hours of


It was proposed that the quarry liaison meeting be deferred until the next council

meeting.Mike will discuss this with them.

Next Meeting 24/05/2018.