SCIO meeting 25th Oct 2018 minutes

Furnace Community SCIOSpecial General Meeting(CombinedwithFurnace Amenity Association meeting)

Present -Mike Masters (chair) ,Sharon Macinnes,Val Whale,Carol Watt,AndreaHenderson,Gill Telfer(secretary)

Also Present -Phil Whale,Lynda Syed,Margaret MacIntyre,Alma Smyllie,DouglasSmyllie,John Burns.
Apologies-Richard Polanski,Kenny Miller.

Minutes of last meeting-Approved

Matters arising-Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report -Opening Bank Balance-£13,707.18-Opening Cash Balance-£17,696.01-A/A Balance £16,466.61-SCIO Bank £483.48 (No Cash)-Club Bank£6,536.69-Club Cash £491.04-Outstanding Grant Project To Be Paid Out Of Above-£3,894.00-Combined Free Reserves-£15,490.00

An Suidhe Windfarm Fund-An application has been forwarded for a grant of up to£10,000towards the community shop buy out.

Social Committee-Family Bingo is being held in Furnace Hall on 26th October at 7.30pm.The Duck Derby which was previously cancelled due to inclement weather will now beheld in Furnace Hall on the 4th November at 15.00 pm along with a barbecue by ColinMoncur.A meeting to discuss plans for the Furnace Christmas Party on 15th December willbe held immediately afterwards.Sharon has arranged for a singer during the evening andMike has spoken to Jan re the cooking which she has very kindly agreed to again.Argyll andBute council will provide and connect the Christmas lights via sub contractors.FurnaceCommunity will thereafter be provided with said lights and will be responsible for connectionand maintenance.A volunteer electrician will be needed to provide the connections.


SHOP COMMUNITY BUYOUT-Mike has now left the meeting.

BACKGROUND-The current owners having failed to find a buyer for the properties afteralmost 3 years,felt that they could not put off their awaited retirement date any longer andreluctantly decided to close the shop at the end of this year.They would then offer thebungalow on the residential market,with the shopas a “development opportunity”.
THE PLAN-Furnace Community SCIO decided to act to try and save the shop for thecommunity and is in the process of applying for funding to enable them to buy the twoproperties and leasethem out to someone who will continue the shop and post office.Building regulations do notpermit the two properties to be sold separately,so both need tobe acquired.It was decided to look for a tenant to take over the business entirely rather thanthe community having tomanage and run the shop for themselves as this would be simplerand more within thescope of those involved.
HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?The exact total is still being worked out as thing’s likesolicitor’s fees and whether the shop’sfixtures and fittings will be acquired by the communityor bought direct by the new tenant,but it will be in the region of £190,000-£200.000.
WHERE WILL THE MONEY COME FROM?The bulk of the funding should come from theScottish Land Fund (SLF),which is Lotterymoney.Without this the projectcannot succeed.Several other funders have been approachedas well as an application made to the AnSuidhe Wind Farm Fund,which has providedfunding for many projects in Furnace over theyears.We will also need to show that thecommunity itself has made acontribution and weplan to use the existing reserves in theSCIO and the Social Club to cover this so no furtherfund raising is envisaged.
Scottish Land Fund-£160,000-£170,000
An Suide-£10.000
SCIO/Social Club-£10,000
Cooke Aqua-£10,000 (up to) requested.
Breedon Aggregates-£10,000 (up to) requested.
Scottish Salmon Co-£10,000 (up to) requested.
Following the article in the Squeak,we have had three expressions of interest so far.TheSCIO is currently in discussion with them to provide more detail of the project and assesstheir plans for running the business,should they decide to go forward.Unless agreementcanbe reached with a suitable tenant,the project cannot continue.The new tenant will alsoneedto apply for the position of Subpostmaster with the Post Office,produce a businessplan toshow the business is viable and attend an interview with the Post Office to ensurethey will be accepted.An application will need to be made to the local Licensing Board totransfer thealcohol licence to the new tenant.
There is much to do.Having passed the 1st stage application with the SLF,we have a verydetailed 2nd stage application to complete by 3rd December.We hope to have heard fromall the other funders by then and also to have reached an agreement with a tenant.We needtocomplete a Community Survey to demonstrate community support for theproject.Quotations need to be obtained for legal work and also for electrical testing andsmoke andCO2 alarms that will need to be installed in the bungalow to meet legal requirements forletting it out.The SCIO will also need to register as a landlord with the local Council.Finally,a detailed and comprehensive business plan must be prepared aspart of theSLFapplication process.
NOVEMBER-Tenant confirmed.Community Survey completed.Business plan completed.All funders except SLF confirmed.
DECEMBER-SLF 2nd stage application submitted.
FEBRUARY-New Tenant takes over.
The meetingunanimously agreedthe motion to use £10,000 of its reserves to support theshop buyout project.
Mike rejoined the meeting at this stage
See the summary below for details of the proposed changes
If the draft proposal isapprovedby this meetingan application will then be made to confirm the changes.An Suide Windfarm are pleased withthe changes being made.Postcodes between Crarae and Auchindrain needto be produced in respect of who resides inthe community. It was unsure if a WD postcode existed, if not thecode will be deleted or if inexistence will be kept in.
Themeeting agreed unanimously to approve the amendments.
Conversion of the A/A to SCIO has stalled due to a problem with the transfer of title deeds tothe village hall.A small parcel of land is owned by the S.N.P and this land needs to beownedby the village to enable the transfer of deeds.The S.N.P gave the land to FurnaceCommunity Council but kept a small parcel back.Sandy Taylor stated that he has to contactthe S.N.P Head office who will make the decision.A message from the insurers was received stating that the policy can’t work as it’s still underthe A/A rather that the SCIO and could not be covered.The fee of £244.00 will be refundedpro-rataontransfer.
Andy,Sharon and Gill will begin the village survey concerning the shop buyout during theweek starting 28th October.
200 Club Draw. Held at Bingo on Friday 26th October.
1st-Alma Smylie.
2nd-Duncan Beaton.
3rd-Syb Masters.
Next Meeting 06/12/2018.
4The organisation’s purposes are:
CHANGED TO4The organisation has been formed to benefit the Community of Furnace, Argyll and
surrounding area as defined by the postcode areasPA32 8XN, PA32 8XX, PA328XS, PA32 8XU,PA32 8XW,PA32 8XZ, PA32 8XY, PA32 8WD AND PA32 8YA(“the Community”), with the Purposes listed in the sub-clauses hereto (“thePurposes”), to be exercised following the principles of sustainable development(wheresustainable development means development which meets the needs of thepresent without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their ownneeds), namely:-
Qualifications for membership
11Membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who resides inor has aninterest in Mid Argyll and who wishes to participate inservices offered.
CHANGED TO11 Membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who resides in the
Community as defined in clause 4
Application for membership
13Any person who wishes to become a member must sign a written application formembership; the application will then be considered by the board at its next boardmeeting.
14The board may, at its discretion, refuse to admit any person to membership.
13Any person who wishes to become a member must sign a written application formembership; the application will then be considered by the board at its next boardmeetingto ensure eligibility as defined in clauses 11 and 12.