Amenity Association Meeting 22/03/2018

Furnace Amenity Association Meeting 22/03/2018

Present  – Mike Masters (chair)

Also Present  – Ruth Tott, Paul Melnyczuk, Lynda Syed, Val Whale, Phil Whale, Sergeant Martin Balkeen (Police), Neil McKechnie, Douglas Smyllie. Gill Telfer.

Apologies  –  Sharon MacInnes, Dougie Philand, Eileen Wallace.

Minutes of last meeting  – Approved

Matters arising  – Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report  – A written report was given.

An Suidhe Windfarm Fund  – Applications for grants of up to £7000,00 are available until the end of August 2018.Any ideas are welcome.

Neil suggested tarmac outside the village hall.

Social Committee  – Ruth and Val held the inaugural meeting of Furnace craft club on

Wednesday 21st of March. This was a great success and very well attended. Many thanks to

Val and Ruth for organising and hosting the event. It was decided that further meetings will go ahead fortnightly, the next one being held on Wednesday 4th of April from 7-9 pm. A small charge of £3.00 will be made to cover the cost of the hall and refreshments.

A request for a micro grant will be applied for to provide some materials, Mike will check the


Sharon and Elaine’s Bingo night is to be held on Friday 30th March at 7.30 pm.

The vintage tea party is to be held on 19th May, times to be announced at a later date. All

proceeds from this will be donated to Erskine.

AOCB  – The conversion from the AA to SCIO has been approved by OSCR. A new bank account is to be set up to transfer funds. The timescale is 2 months.

Mike raised concerns about the damp problem in the Leacainn Terrace flats and as ACHA

have not been forthcoming suggested helping with the problem, the ground floor is very bad

and people are moving out. A way to help would be to finance a National Company of

Independent Surveyors to make a report of what needs to be corrected to make them damp

proof. These reports would then be forwarded to ACHA. All present agreed to this and 3-4

flats would be surveyed.

200 Club Draw.   To be held at the Bingo on Friday 30th March.

 Next Meeting 24/05/2018