Furnace Amenity Association Meeting 25/08/16.

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Next Meeting Thursday March 22nd 7.30pm All Welcome.

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Present – Mike Masters, Robbie Bell, Sharon Macinnes, Iain Brogan, Richard Polanski.

Also Present – Margaret McIntyre, Donnie Macmillan,Sergeant Martin Wilson, Lynda Syed, Gill Telfer, Dougie Philand, Caitlin MacMahon

Apologies –  Helen Brown.

Minutes of last meeting – Approved

Matters arising – None

Treasurer’s Report – Income nil. Expenditure £622.39. Balance £6881.64.See attached report.

An Suidhe Windfarm Fund – Lynda has been notified that the council can provide and installing two extra lights near the play park leading to Queen Elizabeth.The Amenity Association will apply for a grant to cover the cost which will amount to £5,348.90.Approval will be obtained from residents to effect this. Mike will consider obtaining a new Leacainn Walk leaflet if the lighting project cannot be completed in time.

Social Committee – Once again the Furnace Gala Weekend was a great success. All the events were very well attended and much fun was had by all. Sharon, on behalf of the youngsters sent a cheque for the magnificent sum of £571.00 to the Ocean Trust and Andy donated £100.00 from his archery event to the R.N.L.I.

A huge thankyou to everyone involved.

Ian stated that during the weekend the social club bar ran out of his preferred drink. Mike needs to be informed of stock requirements well in advance in order to restock.

Sharon is organising a Bingo night to be held on Friday 16th September between 19.00-21.00.This will be a monthly family event.

AOCB – The glass recycling bins are inadequate and larger capacity containers are needed. Mike will e-mail the council concerning this matter.

200 Club Draw
3rd – Colum Elkin
2nd  Syb Masters.
1st – Elisabeth Mitchel.

Next Meeting 22/09/2016