Amenity Association meeting 23/08/18


Furnace Amenity Association Meeting 23/08/2018


Present  – Mike Masters (chair) Sharon MacInnes,Val Whale,Gill Telfer (secretary) Richard



Also Present  – Phil Whale,Kenneth McKellar,Louise McKellar,Ann Beaton,Duncan

Beaton,Sergeant Martin Wilson,Ruth Tott,Lynda Syed,Margaret MacIntyre.


Apologies  –


Minutes of last meeting  – Approved


Matters arising  – Nothing to report.


Treasurer’s Report  – Opening Bank Balance – £14,575.18 – Opening Cash Balance –

£179.89 – A/A Balance – £12,787.62. – S.C.I.O Bank Balance £1,000.00 – Club Bank Balance

– £4087.12 – Club Cash Balance – £1,530.1.Cost of installing walk waymarker posts awaiting

quote – estimate £500.00 minimum.Cost of hall deeds transfer – estimated at

£1,500.00.Estimated free funds after above £13,500.00 maximum.


An Suidhe Windfarm Fund  – The total of funds still to be used stands at £3894.00.Mooted

suggestions were the erection of a shed beside the hall,a new gate and fence to replace the

existing metal sheets and the painting of the outside of the hall.The deadline for applications

is October 2018.


Social Committee  – Furnace held a very successful Gala weekend beginning on Friday the

17th August with Sharon and Elaine’s Family Bingo which was very well supported.This was

followed on Saturday with a fun packed day and evening.Congratulations and many thanks

to all involved and to everyone who came along and supported it.The famous Duck Derby

along with a Treasure Hunt and barbecue will now be held on Sunday 26th August at 3pm

due to inclement weather last weekend.


Ruth suggested a film show to be held in the bar,this was well received.


The first quiz of the year will be held in the hall on Friday 14th September at 7.30 pm and the

Carpet Bowls will begin on Monday the 17th September.


Sharon suggested hiring a band for Halloween which would include fancy dress.Hamish and

Sharon will look into it.





AOCB  – It was agreed by the committee that a gift of £50.00 will be given to Margaret

Moncur in thanks for her work as auditor.

S.C.I.O will require figures for companies house and OSCR.An Accountant will therefore be

employed at a cost of £500.00 annually to produce these.Lynda suggested a couple of

people that she will approach to carry this out.The accounts for S.C.I.O are due to be

produced by the end of March 2019.The club accounts also need to be audited.


Mike informed the committee that Furnace Stores will be closing on the 22nd December

2018 due to he and Syb’s long awaited retirement.It was hoped by them that it could be sold

as a going concern but after 3 years of being on the market this unfortunately was unable to


It was suggested that we explore the possibility of a community buyout scheme.This would

be looked at by the S.C.I.O.Mike would therefore need to resign as chairman and treasurer

as there would then be a conflict of interest.Renting out the premises as a group was also

suggested however this would need the support of the community.Mike will contact the

Highlands and Islands Enterprise Board to try and arrange a meeting with committee

members to discuss this and to discover if they could help.


Support would be needed from the Community Council to assist in any conclusions.





200 Club Draw.


1st – Ronnie Dodd.


2nd – Alma Smillie.


3rd – Christine Crawford.







Next Meeting 25/10/2018.